The card terminal does not work?

1) Is the card terminal-icon green in the Wallmob POS app?

2) If yes, close all apps and subsequently turn off the iPad and card terminal. The card terminal is can be turned off by pressing the ‘-‘button (minus) and ‘Clear’-button in the lower right corner simultaneously

3) Turn on the iPad. When it is ready, turn on the card terminal by pressing the ‘Enter’-button. When the ‘PAYEX’-logo is displayed on the screen, open up the Wallmob POS app. This usually solves the card terminal problems associated with a ‘Rejection’-screen or when there is no connection to the iPad.

There is a number displayed in the top right corner of the card terminal?

This is the amount of offline transactions waiting to be transferred online.

1) Press the ‘F3’-button on the card terminal

2) Type in the code ‘1234’ and then press the ‘Enter’-button

3) Press ‘4’ to enter the ‘mynt’-menu

4) Press ‘4’ again to access the ‘Send offline transactions’-function

5) Turn off the card terminal by pressing the ‘-‘button (minus) and ‘Clear’-button in the lower right corner simultaneously, and repeating this step to turn it on again. Following this step, the numbers should now have been reduced or gone completely. You may have to repeat this procedure until they are completely gone.

The printer is not accessible on the network?

1) Turn off the printer and turn it back on

2) If this does not help, try turning off the router and turning it back on (remember to check if the iPad is connected to the right network)

3) Check if the iPad and Printer are connected to the same network. This may require the assistance of the Support department +45 70 80 80 67


When upgrading to new WallMob versions we recommend upgrade of the iOS version first (if not already done).

1) Go to settings on your iOS device

2) Go to general

3) Go to update – this will check if you have the newest iOS version available on Your device.

4) If new update is available install it!

5) Then upgrade Your Wallmob POS.

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