What’s new?

Wallmob is a constantly growing product, and we strive to make each release better than the last. From bug fixes, to new features – we endeavor to listen to all of your feedback and spend many hours refining the app based on this.


New updated campaign module

New Campaign module with complete manual.

Improved stock handling

Stock is all new see updates.

New features in POS

Updates features.


Resend of gift cards

Lots of people have started using our powerful gift card feature. Now we
introduce improvements to handle issues where a print or email of the gift card is lost. All cards issued are now listed by date issued, and searchable by reference. From an active giftcard, you can now send the reference by mail from backoffice, either to the mail it was originally sent to, or to another one. The reference is the same, so there is no risk for misuse.

Sales report export with long timespan and data

When using the sales report csv for a long time period, you could get timeout while backend was working on the data to present. Now the extraction of data is handled in the background to avoid timeout for masterusers with many orders.

Gift card layout

You can now make your own template for giftcards to adapt the layout and looks of the giftcard emails. Contact us if this is of interest, as this must be done from our admin site.

Assortment filtering

A big change is that you are now able to select the shops a product should be available for on the product page, enabling assortments for stores!

Cutsomer cards with prefix

You can now input multiple number series prefix for customers card in
backoffice, that will allow POS to recognize a scanned number as a customer
card, and look up the customer from this number. Customer card number must be entered on the customer page.

Comment on orders

We have added a comment field to the order entity, allowing POS and external
parties to add a free text comment to the order.

Card listing

Users have waited a long time for this, now we provide a summed list of the
card types used in the sales report, X report, Z report and EOD report.

Deleted shops visible in sales report

Sales report have been adapted to include sales from deleted shops that were
active in the selected period.

Common e-mail receipt template

We have combined the various email receipt templates that existed into one
common receipt template to rule them all.

API Changes

Order entity has a new attribute called “comment”, containing a text of up to 256 characters.


The POS will now get notified by the back office when changes are made. This will increase the speed al over the solution. Also changes are sendt in smaler pieces so that the POS will never stop during major updates.


Language selection in backoffice

Hooray, finally you can set the language in backoffice to something other than English. Translations will be added as we push into new markets, but for now, Norwegian, Swedish, and Danish are supported. German, Finnish, Portuguese and Spanish are work in progress.

The menu structure has been rebuilt

We were starting to grow out of our own backoffice, as the menu structure allowed little room for adding new functionality. Now all menus go downwards and can contain several levels of menu items. This gives us the necessary space to add the functionality we want to give you

New campaign functionalities

We have added “Predefined discounts”, a tool for you to define the set of discounts that the operators can give to customers.
It is now also possible to define sets of products in campaigns, giving you the tools to define campaigns like “Buy one of these pizzas and one of these sodas for 100 NOK”

Giftcards are coming

Based on our powerful implementation of vouchers, we have now expanded this to include pure giftcards that are not connected to products. As a consequence of this, vouchers and giftcards have been renamed to the common term giftcards. The voucher is seen as as special type of gift card that is bound to products. Voucher as a term is no longer present in backoffice or POS. Giftcards requires the new release of POS due early november, version 2.22

Sell items by weight, length, volume!

We now introduce unit type on products, allowing the sale of items by weight, length, volume, not just per piece. This feature requires the new POS release due early November, version 2.22

No sale, no license!

From this release, we now change our licensing policy to give you the month free if you have had no sales. Super savings for shops that only sell their items on few occasions through the year!

Many bugfixes and general improvements

We have added many improvements and fixed most of the bugs we know about, to avoid irritating experiences. A main focus has been on improving performance for master users with lots of orders, and better handling the increasing number of Wallmob POSes that are used.


Direct card payment from sales screen

As 80-90% of payments are card payments, if you have an integrated terminal, you will now get a new button on the sales screen for direct selection of card terminal

Mobile payment directly from the sales screen in self checkout mode

If you have either Vipps, MobilePay or Swish enabled in your account, you will now get a button for direct selection of mobile payment from the sales screen in self checkout mode

Threshold defined for EOD deviations

We have seen that having to give an explanation if the reported cash is 1 cent off from the calculated amount is too strict. We have introduced a threshold parameter that we can set per master user. The default value is set to 10.00 local currency units. Deviations in EOD below this amount will be accepted as OK.

Improved readability of 2" receipt prints

We have changed the handling of receipts prints to mobile printers and 2″ receipt printers to get better readability.

Want clearer pictures for your products?

We have now introduced a parameter allowing to skip the semitransparent layer over the product pictures, showing the product name and price. This will give you clear pictures, but removes the product name and price. Consider adding that into the pictures

Bank receipts are now printed with sales receipts

Only when sales receipt is selected for printing will the bank terminal receipts be printed. This saves you paper and maintenance when customer does not want receipt or receipt is sent by mail

Image on category is now shown

In backoffice you can add picture to a category, but this has not been shown in POS. Now it is!

Numerous bug fixes and improvements

We have addressed a series of minor bugs related to printer handling, voucher buttons, socket scanner update, network handling, graphical user interface and other areas


Star printer bugfixes

Version 2.20.2 contains bugfixes related to naming conventions of older Star printers, and one new issue allowing voucher button to be displayed in self checkout mode. This allows self serviced customers to buy vouchers

Version 2.20.3 contains a fix for a crash reported for Star 743 label printers

Version 2.20.4 contains a fix for naming of printer Star SM-S230i


New drivers for bank terminals

Get the latest drivers for increased payment stability for both Payex and Nets.

Nets Baxi is now updated to version 1.2.7 on top of the new Ingenico drivers

New printers available

We strive to make life as easy as possible in the stores, and the four new printers added from Star will remove hassles you might have experienced in your shop. Bluetooth connection removes the need for a cabled setup in the shop. TCP143IIIU even lets you print over the USB cable that charges your iPad, removing the need for a separate charger!

For life on the road, Star SM-S230i gives you more than twice the printing speed of SM-L200, and lets you charge the printer over USB from the cigarette adapter

Vouchers directly in the bill

Up until now, claimed vouchers had to be added as a tender on the payment screen. Now, you can scan the voucher from the bill and apply it directly. This enables vouchers to be used in self checkout configurations as well

Settlement button in terminal menu

Tired of not knowing how much of card payments were credit cards and how much was debit cards? Have you had to deal with printer buffer overflow on the terminal? Now you can do settlement from POS, and get a printed settlement report with the details

Customer discount

For your valuable customers, you can set a flat discount rate on their customer card, resulting in an automatic discount when the customer is added into a sale.

Vipps payment improved

It is now possible to stop an initiated payment, for instance if you input the wrong number. You can also do a refund against Vipps. More error messages have been added to facilitate understanding what went wrong when payment fails


Vipps mobile payment available in Norway

Wallmob now offers integrated mobile payment with Vipps Bedrift! This will open up for new sales for a wide range of Wallmob users in Norway! You will need 5 setup values from the Vipps portal that are entered into the details for each shop. We will pilot Vipps at one selected customer before opening for general consumption

Vouchers is our new loyalty feature

You can now define loyalty vouchers in your backoffice, that are sold and validated in POS. How about an offer for “10 coffee and cinnamon roll” at reduced prices to attract returning customers? Vouchers can be sent by email, and stored as QR codes on your phone and are validated when scanned in POS.

New Star printers available in our selection

We have looked at where the challenges are when setting up a store, and by introducing several printers from the user friendly selection of Star, we can remove the need for cabling up your point of sales, or make life easier on the road. Looking for visual appeal in a compact point of sale? Check out mPOP!

We also recommend looking into Star 143III USB printer that charges the iPad through the lightning cable you use for printing, or the Star 143IIIBI and 743IIBI that give you powerful receipt printing over Bluetooth. The mobile sales people will appreciate the Star SM-L2oo printer that charges over USB cable and prints both receipts and labels

General improvements in POS

In this release, we have improved network availability behaviour and removed the annoying alerts that printer is unavailable when the network has hickups. We have upgraded drivers for Nets and Payex terminals, and improved self checkout features.

Now, if you enter an email address on the EOD form, the address will be remembered until you clear it, making it easier to keep your boss or accountant up to date on EOD figures

Time zone handling in sales reports

We have improved the formatting of dates in columns of sales reports, to improve importing CSV data into Excel. Default formatting is now nordic format, but this can be set per user by us. Date and time of day has also been split into two columns to improve analysis in Excel.

The time zone of the shop is now also considered when reporting numbers, as some shops do business 24/7 and experienced a deviation in numbers between two reports.

Bug in tender type reporting fixed

A bug in the front page for tender type report in backoffice gave a wrong amount when more than one item was sold on the orders in question. This calculation has now been fixed

Customer sales reporting

If you have customer features enabled and add a customer from your customer database to a sale, the purchases made by this customer is now available on the customer card in backoffice. Nice tool to see if you should reward this customer somehow, or give you more insight into their preferences


Database version number

As a hotfix to 2.19.0, the database version number was increased in a build 2.19.1 containing only this change. This facilitates updates from previous versions

Deep link URLs to Wallmob POS

From this release, you can authenticate to POS without knowing the master user password, by using an application url to Wallmob POS containing a valid authentication token. You can also start POS with a known customer ID, allowing customer search and selection in your own, branded app. POS will give back control to the calling app after finishing the order.

Timeout for Web shop interface has been increased

To allow for slower running operations in external web shops when accessed through the PosConnector web interface, the timeout value has been increased from 10 seconds to 120 seconds.

Logout from Sumup account now requires concirmation

From the settings page for Sumup, logging out of your account now requires confirmation before logout, as logging back in demands knowledge of the username and password.

Listing of products on the category page in backoffice

When you select a category in backoffice, you will now get a listing of all products connected to this category. This is a nice tool to help you manouever around in your product tree


Sumup integration

Wallmob POS now supports Sumup terminal for a low cost package for customer with small transaction volumes. This makes Wallmob POS the preferred choice also for startups and small businesses where the sales will vary

Customers can be added from POS

Now customers can be added to customer list from the selection screen in POS. If recording customer buying history is important to you, we can also enable a parameter for your user that enforces that a known customer is always set on the order before proceeding to payment.

In our next release, good customers can be given a flat discount percent that will apply to all their purchases once the customer is added to the order. We will also be introducing loyalty vouchers, and listing all orders by a customer from the customer card in Wallmob backoffice. So you can start building your customer club already

Self checkout customers are now allowed to change the number of items in an order

To facilitate sales in self checkout mode, the customer can now correct the items if they selected an item by mistake

POS can now be opened from other apps taking customer ID as parameter

By following our defined wallmob:// url scheme, Wallmob POS can now be opened with a preselected customer on the active order

You can now enable integrated bank terminal per register in backoffice

Previously, Wallmob support would have to enable integrated bank terminals for your master user. The parameter then applied to all registers for this masteruser. Now you can control this yourself, from settings/registers in backoffice, per register.

More buttons on iPad Pro

If you need to utilise the bigger screen of an iPad Pro, Wallmob POS now scales to give you more sales buttons in the product grid, making sales easier for those with a large product offering

Extended export capabilities

Wallmob now lets you export a full width data set of your sales in a chosen period in CSV format, either for one shop or for all shops. End of Day data can also be exported as CSV data from EOD page, either one EOD or all in the chosen set. We have also adapted the mapping into CSV to make the import into Excel smoother.

We will also extend the reporting on stock in future releases



Hotfix build for two issues. If you have a not integrated bank terminal and do returns against card, the returned amount is counted as positive in stead of negative. If you have Epson printer and go to payment on a new order while the printer is printing the latest receipt, you would get multiple empty orders created, and these orders would be autoreturned by POS.

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