Wallmob the low price POS

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Try the Wallmob POS and see if it fits your business - free of charge during a 30 day trial period - before you commit to a low monthly subscription. The Wallmob POS comes with a wide variety of features to help you facilitate a speedy and customer-friendly expedition while maintaining overview of your business.

  • For 499,- DKK a month, you get:
  • Wallmob POS
    • Best combination of user friendly and functional POS
    • Multliple user login to POS
    • Open/close register features
    • Return function (by item or order ID)
    • Digital and print receipts
    • Multiple payment options
    • X/Z reporting
    • And more
  • The standard Web Backoffice for managing your shop
    • Backoffice dashboard
    • Item management
    • User management for POS
    • Reports and statistics
    • Campaign management (i.e 3 for price of 2)
  • Integration to several economy systems
    • eConomic - Denmark
    • eAccounting - Norway & Sweden
    • Visma Business - Contact Info Solution ApS
  • Integration to payment terminals
    • Ingenico ISMP from Payex (Denmark & Sweden)
    • Ingenico ISMP from NETS (Norway)
    • SumUp payment terminal
    • Check out the webstore for terms and prices
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The monthly subscription rate is 499,- DKK following the completed trial period.
You may cancel the subscription at any time during the free trial period, at no charge whatsoever.

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