Wallmob partner

Partner with us!

Partner with us!

We are seeking partners in Europe.
We offer:
- Great revenue on subscriptions (kickback)
- Sell your own HW (compatible with WallmobPOS)
- Offer your own services as installation, support and integrations
- Limited offer for regional responsibility
- Possible contributions to marketing and activities
- Online training of your personell


Partner with us and create your own business - this is what our partners can do.


Get regional responsibility to create your own customer base. Sell WallmobPOS and additional services to your own customers.

We contribute to sales through digital marketing and easy on-boarding of customers. All free trials in your region will be directed to your company for follow up.


Create local support agreements for you customers. Adding value to your sale of WallmobPOS. Many local businesses using the WallmobPOS prefere to acquire local support for their solution including addons and HW see Integrations and HW Sales.

We offer training, support material on web pages including FAQ.

HW Sales and distribution

A POS is special from other software businesses as it most times requires hardware. Offer your own services like a webshop for sales of HW and accessories for the WallmobPOS. Distribute and handle equipment to your customers on your own terms.

We offer - contact with our HW vendors/distributors like Star and Studio Proper. Link to your web shop inside the Wallmob solution for your customers.

Installation and service

IT equipment and setup is for many retailers complicated, yet simple if you know som IT. Adding installation in the local shop to Your business gives great value for our customers and for our partners. Also service agreement together with support is valuable addons for customers if equipment break for some reason.

We offer basic support and training around WallmobPOS equipment.


Many customers requires integration to accounting or their ERP system. Offer customers integration services based on our up to date and open REST API. Example integrations are typically webshops, ERP/Finance, BI systems, Loyalty systems and Queue systems.

You may already offer ERP, why not create a value add with WallmobPOS.

We offer open REST API, documentation and test accounts.

Development and addons

Create your own addons to WallmobPOS utilising the integration API. Partners have created own customer experience flows in front of the POS, analytics with GPS tracking from the receipt, ERP integrations and more. Also customer apps for preordering have been increasingly added to our system, to create a better customer experience.

We offer best practices and example usage of the API in addition to the REST API.


"Get started - WallmobPOS might be your next asset creating a profitable business ."


Do you think partnering with us can be the next step. Please contact us and we will get in touch.

Let's get started: