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Eratio AS

Sale of WallmobPOS with Integrated accounting services. Great value for money.

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Mobile Solutions AS

Mobile solutions is a full range supplier for IT solutions including POS, Telecom, Wifi and more. Mobile solutions is your perfect partner if you want a single point of contact for all your POS and IT related supplies. Mobile solutions also host their own web shop with good prices on HW and services.  

Country - Norway South & Vest

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Kontrollelektro delivers POS HW and payment solutions in addition to WallmobPOS. They also offer rental solutions based on WallmobPOS.

Country - Norway

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Kassemanden is a full range POS supplier i Denmark and preferd partner for Wallmob. They deliver, support and service Wallmob all over Denmark. 

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Experts in logistics and Visma Business. If you want Wallmob POS integrated with your Visma Business, Info Solutions delivers a out of the box solution. 


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Dekon AS is known for excellent support as a total supplier of Visma SmartStore og Wallmob POS, Dekon also delivers general IT support and IT solutions for your everyday business along with accounting services. 

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Vitari is a certified Visma partner. They are experts in ERP and Visma.net. If you are looking for a Wallmob integration to Visma.net Vitari is the partner to approach. 

Visma.net is a full blown Cloud ERP system that makes you company more efficient. 

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Cloud Connection

Cloud Connection deliver Visma.Net ERP a cloud based ERP system. They have a standard integration for Wallmob POS synchronising the two coulds. The delivery is not dependent on having Cloud Connection as the ERP partner and have a fixed price. 

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Check out partners with value added services


WooCommerce integration for Wallmob POS. Maksimer focus on delivery of web pages and eCommerce to make your business profitable. They deliver two way integration so that Wallmob can manage both products and inventory for your webshop. 



Payex is experts in payment and provider of payment terminals for your Wallmob POS in Sweden, Denmark, Norway and Finland.   

Country - Norway, Sweden, Finland, Denmark

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Vipps mobile payment integrated with WallmobPOS for full control of all payment.

Country - Norway

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SumUP card payment made easy. SumUp delivers card payment for a low price with cost based on revenue. Select country on their web page for local prices. 


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Visma eAccounting

Integration with eAccounting for automatic bookkeeping on a daily basis. Integration will be enhanced as part of a common roadmap. 

Visma eAccouting is available in several countries under different names including, Norway, Sweden, Finland and The Netherlands.  

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