About Wallmob

Wallmob was a Danish software company, specializing in developing and designing cloud-based, wireless Point of Sale (POS) solutions for retail stores and businesses globally, with the goal of improving the consumer experience and retailers’ bottom line. After 1.january 2017 Wallmob is part of the SME portfolio in Extenda Retail.

Our product range spans a variety of platforms, catering to both small companies with need for only a single register to large businesses looking seeking to optimize the sales flow across their entire operations. Wallmob offers a versatile and mobile POS solution for any kind of retail commerce store or business.


Wallmob was founded in Denmark in 2012. In 2014, the company was bought by Nordic IT-concern and quickly expanded the small unit of entrepreneurial minds at the office in Havnegade, to the three-story Wallmob House located centrally at Volmers Plads in Vejle.
From 1.1.2017 Wallmob POS is operated by Extenda Retail AS as part of the evolution of collaboration in development between POS solutions in Extenda Retail AS.


Wallmob comprises a tight unit of highly specialized and professional people working in teams with focus, commitment and dedication. Our objective is to have every retail shop in the world having a Wallmob POS in their possession, but also to have fun and develop along the way – both individually, but also as an organization.

Vision and Mission

Redefining Commerce

We dedicate ourselves to meeting the requirements of today’s consumers and to deliver a unified commerce experience on behalf of retail businesses worldwide, in order to provide a seamless customer experience and an improved bottom line. We strive to tie the latest commerce software together with existing systems, which our customers can manage from their Point of Sale.

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